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Kieran asked 1 year ago

Hi, I’m inquiring for the details for a fully licensed and insured house clearance organisation to clear out a small residential apartment situated in Jesmond.

The apartment is based on the third floor. The building does have a lift however their has been a bed bug infestation in the apartment and we would need the items to be carried out and taken away by the back stairwell entrance. Pest control have visited and advised all furniture and flooring must be wrapped prior to it being taken out of the building. PPI must be worn.

Please contact me with any details for a house clearance organisation that specialise within this type of house clearance.

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Gregory Hamill answered 1 year ago

Hello Kieran, there is a company called Northern House Clearance that specialise in this type of work who we had to hire a while back to clear out a two bed second floor residential complex also based in Jesmond. They were prompt and professional and we would have no issues recommending them to anybody requiring this service.

We had a charity event on the day they were booked, their was visitors staff and residents all actively taking part and the place was overcrowded and very busy but the three house clearance specialists that turned up worked discretely and delicately around the event being held and respected the presence of our visitors and residents at all times.

We were very impressed with the services we received and would not hesitate to use again if required in the nearer future. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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