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Amanda asked 1 year ago

Hiya AFTA I am inquiring to ask if you would be able to help us. We have been trying to donate 3 large pieces of furniture to charities but nobody is willing to take them due to their size.

We are moving to a smaller property where the furniture will not fit. Would you be able to supply us with a reliable house clearance service that work in the Kenmore area, preferably an AFTA member. We have a display cabinet and 2 wardrobes. There is also a small amount of waste in the garage requiring clearance.

Thanks AFTA

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Arron answered 1 year ago

Good afternoon, last month I downsized from a three bedroom bungalow to a one bedroom apartment in the Kenmore area. Due to downsizing I had a large amount of furniture, white goods etc to be cleared from my bungalow. I searched on AFTA and found a reputable house clearance company named Northern House Clearance who came highly recommended, I contacted Northern House Clearance who provided a very reasonable quote. I book their services and proceeded with the clearance.

The house clearance professionals took approximately two hours to clear the whole bungalow and dropped off a table and chairs to my new apartment for me free of charge. The team and the company provided an outstanding service all the way throughout. I can honestly recommend them. You can check their details here Northern House Clearance

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