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Clara asked 3 months ago

Hi AFTA, I have a house in Killingworth that has a large quantity of furniture, some old some in fairly good condition that could possibly be given to charity. The garden has an old wooden bench in it that I need to get rid of and there is a shed I need emptying, bikes gardening tools that sort of thing. I need to have this all done by the end of February which does not leave me much time at all.

I want to hire a professional company. Please help

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Karen Lord answered 3 months ago

Hello Clara myself and my brother in law have just had a company clear our grandparents property in Killingworth. My brother in law did a bit of digging and he found a company called Northern House Clearance Killingworth.

We checked their website out, they are licensed and registered with the Anti Fly Tipping Association.

We contacted them and received a very reasonable price, I spoke to a women called Lauren who said they only need a few days notice they were quiet flexible. From packing everything up and taking apart furniture to fit it out the door the house clearance people done it all.

We were very impressed with the work they all done and Lauren was very helpful. I highly recommended their services.

Details here Northern House Clearance