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Rose asked 2 years ago

Dear AFTA can you help me find a house clearance company in the Kilmarnock area that is registered with AFTA.

It’s for my old 98 year old dad who’s going into sheltered housing, somethings will have to stay as the movers are coming, time is limited as I live near London and have only 2 weeks off work to get all the this sorted, been a bit of a nightmare.

There is a garage with a load of old tools etc, afraid there me be mice. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Rose.

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Ryan answered 2 years ago

Hi, last month I hired Northern House Clearance to come and clear my late mums three bedroom house in Galston – East Ayrshire.

I needed their services on such short notice and they were able to accommodate us. My mums house was due to sell on the 15th and Northern House Clearance were able to accommodate us on the 13th, they cleared the whole house within just a few hours.

They provided an excellent service all the way throughout.

Here is a link for the company Northern House Clearance

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