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Pauline asked 1 year ago

Hi AFTA, I’m wondering if you could recommend a reliable local house clearance company in the Low Fell area.

My father died recently and we need to make appropriate arrangements to clear his 1 bed apartment. We have removed sentimental and valuable items already and a lot of the furniture has already been donated or given away to family and friends.

The items left are mainly bags of rubbish, white goods and a stair-lift. Their is also an outer shed that would need to be cleared and a green house that would need to be taken away. We are looking to have this done fairly quickly if possible so we are able to put the property on the market.

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Tiffany answered 1 year ago

Hi Pauline, A few weeks ago we had to clear out my late Mother in laws property in the Low Fell area.

Although the family managed to clear out a lot of the household items, the process began to present itself quiet problematic i.e stairlift, large furniture etc and the sale of the property had been complete and time was running out.
After finding this company was highly recommended by AFTA we decided to give them a call.

They were able to book the job in the same week and the house clearance specialists that turned up made the whole process a lot easier than we initially anticipated, the stairlift was also removed free of charge.

They are a fully licensed and insured company who I would happily use again in the future if required and I would have no problem recommending Northern House Clearance to anyone that is looking to have a house clearance done.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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