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Philip asked 1 year ago

I have a flat in Methil, which was previously rented. I am going to sell it and need the old furniture and former tenant’s items disposed of. It is a one bedroom flat. It has 3 or 4 beds, one sofa and possibly one black bag which could be filled with former tenant’s items…mostly clothing.

Would it be possible to provide me with the name of a licensed and insured house clearance firm working in the Methil area? Thank you Philip

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Gina answered 1 year ago

Hi Philip, a few weeks ago I was in the same position, a previous tenant vacated the flat leaving all of their belongings. I consulted with AFTA and found a highly recommended company called Northern House clearance Methil.

After receiving a quote, I decided to book their services. A team of three fully uniformed men arrived to clear the flat at 9am. The flat is a three bed in Methil. In the flat were three beds and mattresses, a three piece sofa suite, two double and one single wardrobe, kitchen appliances, bric a brac, two big back televisions, a table and chair set and some other small pieces of furniture, along with all of this, I requested the carpets to be removed and the flat to be thoroughly cleaned.

Northern house clearance Methil have procedure an excellent service, they are very professional and fully licensed and insured. It took the team approx three hours to clear and clean the flat, now the flat is empty and ready to go on the market. I highly recommend them. Gina

Details here: Northern House Clearance