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Shirley asked 1 year ago

Hi I am looking for details for a house clearance company in the Monkseaton area. I have a five bedroom well lived in family home. I have downsized to a small one bed flat last month and I am now looking to sell my previous home.

It is a normal house nothing out of the ordinary, big furniture but not a lot, most of it went to charity. I would like a few boxes of items transported to my new flat to if possible. No major rush to have this done but sooner the better.

Please send me recommendations.

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Gale answered 1 year ago

Good afternoon Shirley. I am an elderly lady, I sold my large four bedroom county cottage mid January after downsizing to a one bedroom residential apartment. Due to downsizing I had a large amount of clutter, furniture etc that needed cleared from my cottage. I consulted with AFTA and found a highly recommended and fully insured house clearance called Northern House clearance in Monkseaton. The team who arrived to clear the house had done an amazing job, they managed to clear the whole cottage within one day, providing me with photographs of the completed house clearance as I was unable to be present.

The team so delivered a large chest of my drawers to my apartment roughly ten miles from the cottage. I highly recommend Northern House Clearance Monkseaton as a reputable company. Hope this helps with what you are looking for Northern House Clearance