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Ginger asked 4 months ago

Hello AFTA, my dear friend has passed away and he has left his property to me but I do not want the contents inside. I’m trying to find a professional company to come in and take everything away.

It is a two bedroom house with standard furniture and electrical appliances.

The house is in Newburn in Newcastle and I am based in Darlington. I am visiting the property this weekend.

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Cecil answered 4 months ago

Hello Ginger myself and my family had to clear out a small property my late grandfather left us based in Newburn back in December and after various recommendations we hired Northern Newburn House Clearance. After we kept what we wanted, they dealt with the whole house contents clearing out kitchen cupboards, under the staircase, all draws, etc etc.

They did a fantastic job, took them on average a few hours. I’d happily recommend them to anyone that needs a house clearance. Theirs a lot of information on their website, I’ve attached a link here for you: Northern House Clearance

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