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Sam asked 2 years ago

We are in the process of moving our mother out of her home in Newcastle Upon Tyne, to a smaller property. We are interested in finding a house clearance service to help clear out the remaining furniture, knick-nacks, clothes etc that she can’t take with her.

There may be some sort that is saleable (eg a set of Wedgwood, sofa, double bed etc), but we are not sure of the best way to approach this given we live in the South of England and cannot be on hand to see potential buyers. We would really welcome your advice on the best way to approach this.

Kind regards, Sam

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Andrea answered 2 years ago

Hi Sam,

Last month my mother passed away, after searching for a house clearance company online and reading many testimonials, we found Northern House Clearance.

My my mum had a lot of valuables in her house that she had bought over many years, we discussed this with the lady on the phone when inquiring about the services that Northern House Clearance provide. After explaining our situation we went ahead to book their services.

The house was a small small two bedroom situated in Ponteland – Newcastle upon Tyne. Three members of the house clearance team arrived to clear the house at 9am, during the process of clearing one of the specialists pulled out the valuables to one side. They gave us an offer to how much the valuables were worth and off set it against the price of the clearance. We couldn’t have been more grateful to have this done as it saved us a fortune.

If this is the kind of service that you are requiring then I would highly recommend Northern House Clearance to you.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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