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Fiona asked 1 year ago

Hi AFTA, I am looking for a reputable house clearance service as I need to have a three bedroom terraced property cleared within the Newcastle upon Tyne area in the New Year.

My father passed away two year ago and my mum has been struggling to maintain the property they both shared due to elderly age and health. We are planning to move mum into a small residential place after Christmas, furniture we are keeping and personal belongings have been put into storage but everything else that remains needs to be taken away and their is a large amount of clutter that has been obtained over the period of 40+ years. Bedroom suites are built in, however their is still quiet a lot of furniture to be cleared.

– two single wooden bed frames
– a king size divan bed + mattress
– sofa bed (very heavy)
– dressing table + chair
– 4 bedside drawers
– sofa suite
– dining table + 8 chairs
– washing machine, fridge freezer, electrical cooker
– tv stand
– 3 large glass display units
– a piano
– a large grandfather clock
– a singer sewing table machine

Company has to be fully insured and licensed. I do not want details for a man with a van. Can you please help.

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Terry answered 1 year ago

Hi Fiona, searching for a reliable and respected house clearance company can be difficult as I found last month when I experienced a very similar situation. I recently moved my gran into a nursing home due to her health conditions and old age and I had no idea what to do with all the stuff she no longer needed.

AFTA directed me to a company called Northern House Clearance who I couldn’t thank enough for the work they done and the weight they took of my shoulders. My gran lived in a two bedroom second floor flat in Newcastle Upon Tyne and kept everything she ever owned, the place was choker with furniture, every newspaper ever printed and tons of clutter but the team at Northern House Clearance use a large Luton furniture van and assured me they were very experienced having dealt with loads of hoarded jobs in the past and its safe to say they kept their word, they had the whole job
done in one day.

I was very pleased and I would gladly recommend this company to anyone that needs help clearing a house out.

Details Northern House Clearance

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