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Pauline Clarke asked 9 months ago

Good Afternoon AFTA.

My mother-in-law passed away last year, she lived with us, when she moved in she brought a lot of belongings.

I am looking to now have her belongings cleared out, and would require details of a reputable house clearance firm to do so.

There are about 60 boxes in the loft and stuff in her bedroom, and a few bits down stairs.

My home is in North End – Teesside.


Pauline Clarke

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Rita answered 9 months ago

Hi Pauline,

A few years ago my mum came to live with me, only recently she sadly passed away, I had gone through her belongings to keep anything sentimental and decided to have the contents of her room cleared so that we could have more space for the gran kids.

I hired a company called Northern House Clearance who operate in the North End area in Teesside, I managed to get the clearance booked in a few days after initially inquiring.

The team arrived at 9am, they cracked on with the job straight away and were finished in just over an hour, the things we had removed consisted of a single electric bed and mattress, a large quantity of clothing, books, ornaments and bedding.

They managed to donate some of my mums belongings to charity on our behalf.

I can highly recommend them to you.

Thank you,


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