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Angela asked 6 months ago

Hi I am inquiring information for a reputable firm to come and clear out all contents from a property I have been given the task of overseeing. Their is not a great deal of furniture to be taken as most has been sold or passed on to relatives.

The property is a two bedroom apartment with a shared communal yard based in North Kenton. Their is a small outer shed/storage cupboard that also needs to be cleared, again quiet minor. (few gardening tools, sweeping brushes etc) I am hoping to have this arranged and completed as soon as possible.

Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Angela

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Maureen answered 6 months ago

Hi Angela, Northern House Clearance Kenton cleared a small second floor flat for myself and my partner back in October near by located in Kenton Bar.

A team of three house clearance specialists arrived, packed and cleared the whole flat within a few hours boxing together various items for the local charity stores along Gosforth high street.

We would proudly recommend their services to anybody looking to hire a professional company within this sector. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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