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Mike asked 10 months ago

Good morning.

I need to clear a house for a deceased relative.

Please could you give me a very rough idea how much it would cost to clear a two bedroom house in Norton – Teesside.

There are three upstairs rooms, a kitchen, a lounge, and a garden shed to empty ready to put the house up for sale.

The house was lived in until 3 days ago so all the usual contents for one person.

I am just calculating whether it is better to hire a skip and do it ourselves, compared to the cost of a house clearance company.

My Wife and I will help rather than stand around twiddling our thumbs.

Could you recommend a reputable house clearance firm in Norton.

Thank you.


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Sarah answered 10 months ago

Good Morning Mike,

I hired Northern House Clearance a few months ago to clear my late friends three bedroom cottage in Norton – Teesside.

I myself had considered hiring skips to clear her home but found that the quote provided worked out much cheaper.

My sister and I offered to help the team, but they worked fast and efficient and had the house cleared within a few hours, they also managed to donate a large amount of the crockery, ornaments, books and clothing to charities in the Norton area.

I was very impressed with the service provided and can highly recommend them.

Many thanks,


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