House Clearance Penrith – Cluttered House. Reliable Company Needed.

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Geoff asked 2 years ago

I would like to find a house clearance for a property in Penrith.

The property is a standard three-bed semi-detached, with attached garage and large rear garden (very overgrown). The property has been vacant for approx three years following my mother’s move to a residential care home, and we are now selling the property.

The house was occupied for 60 years, and there is a lot to remove especially from the bedrooms. My wife and I live abroad, and are currently planing to be in the area from 18th – 25th May, with exchange of contracts planned for 24th May. We would like to find and book a reliable house clearance service for Tuesday 22nd May. We will clear personal possessions, clothing and other items that my mother would like to keep ahead of the clearance.

Thank you in advance Geoff.

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Georgina answered 2 years ago

Hi Geoff, last month I bit the bullet and had my mums three bedroom house and garage cleared in the Penrith area, my mum passed a few years ago and her house has literally been at a standstill, I needed to get it cleared so I could finally sell it. I received an excellent quote from a company called Northern House Clearance who cover the whole of Penrith.

After I had removed any sentimental items from her house, the team from Northern House Clearance went in and absolutely gutted the rest, including carpets and curtains. It took the amazing team a good few hours to clear the house as it was fairly cluttered. I couldn’t have been happier with the work carried out and could not recommend a more reputable company to you. I hope this helps with what you need.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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