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Greta asked 1 year ago

AFTA I need a house clearance in Pitlochry as am moving from fairly large 3 bed house to small flat. Would like everything cleared from 2 large bedrooms , dining room, 2 public rooms, contents of several cupboards, contents of kitchen and white goods, contents of garage and shed.

I need the name of a house clearance firm that will clear all the unwanted items including contents of wardrobes, kitchen cupboards (including food,), white goods, contents of garage etc.

I look forward to AFTAs help in this matter.

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Alan answered 1 year ago

Hello Great, last month I moved into a small one bed bungalow from a three bed bungalow in Perth. I searched AFTA for a reputable house clearance company that could assist with clearing the remaining items from my three bed bungalow. I came across Scotland House clearance who came highly recommended by several customers on AFTA.

After requesting a reasonable quote from Scotland House clearance I went ahead with their services, a team of three professional men in full uniform arrived to the bungalow at 9am, they cleared all of the large furniture, bagged up all of the loose contents that were in cupboards, drawers and lying around, they took all of the white goods and cleared a small garden shed at the bottom of the garden.

The team took approximately 3 hours to clear the whole bungalow, after the clearance I asked if they would deliver an armchair to my new bungalow a few streets over, they done this for me at no extra costs. An absolute amazing service.  They have their number and email on their page here Northern House Clearance

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