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Maria asked 2 years ago

I was wanting to inquire about the cost of a full 3 bedroom house clearance in Ponteland. My parents have recently moved into sheltered accommodation and left behind a fairly cluttered, damp 3 bed-roomed house, with a small extension to the rear of the house.

Some of the contents have been sorted through already but is still to be cleared.

Can you recommend a company that will dispose of sensitive paperwork? e.g bank statements, photographs as there is a large amount of this, majority identified and bagged.

I was also needing a house clearance company that will also clear the loft.

I’d like the carpets removed. The kitchen (including integrated dishwasher) and bathroom suites to stay as part of the fixtures and fittings.

Also a house clearance service that is able to collect keys for the property, as I can not be present due to distances involved.

Your advice greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, Maria

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Alison answered 2 years ago

Hi Maria,

Last week my husband and I used a great company called Northern House Clearance to clear my mams two bedroom house in Throckley.

We had been to the property prior to the clearance to remove any personal belongings that were have kept. We were unable to be present on the day the clearance was completed due to work commitments, the team collected the keys from the estate agent 9am on the morning of the appointment.

My mams house was also fairly cluttered as she had been collection all sorts of stuff from magazines to bric a bric for many years. The House Clearance team cleared everything in the house including white goods, carpets and curtains,

They had no hassle clearing the cluttered loft as well as a small garden shed. Some of the items in the property went to local charities and the rest went to recycling centres, all of my mams personal paperwork has been disposed of correctly.

I hope this helps with what you are searching for. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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