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Gareth asked 1 year ago

3 bed house in Preston I need to make arrangements for house clearance. Grandparents have recently moved into sheltered accommodation and the house is now in the process of being sold with a sale agreement currently being reviewed therefore we need to act quiet fast to have the house fully cleared upon any sale completion date.

Standard furniture to be taken away, disposed of or donated if possible. Electrical appliances inc cooker, tumble dryer and dish washer. Two small outer sheds to also be cleared and their is also a large glass fish tank to be removed.

Any recommendations welcome

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Ash answered 1 year ago

Hi Gareth, last month I found myself tasked with clearing my late uncles three bedroom house and garage in the Preston area. After doing some extensive research I found a reputable company called Northern House Clearance Preston who I hired to assist with the house clearance. I emailed Northern House clearance for a rough quote and received a quote within 20 minutes, I arranged to have the house clearance undertaken a few days later.

The house clearance specialists arrived at 9am on the morning with a large van, the three men were in full uniform and were very polite and understanding of my situation. The team began the clearance straight away and had the whole house cleared within a few hours, it was mostly furniture, carpets and appliances that were to be taken. I highly recommend Northern House clearance for assisting with the clearance of your grandparents house.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance