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Ian Hislop asked 1 year ago

Dear AFTA staff

This is a preliminary enquiry only at this stage, on behalf of a family member. Her location is approx a mile from Prestwick.

Could you please give me the details for a licensed and insured house clearance company for removal and disposal of furniture items.

The disposal items will substantially fill one van load.

Main items for clearance are as follows;
Triple settee (good condition)
Double settee (good condition)
King-sized bed (good condition)
Mattress for bed (good condition)
Small table (square meter) (good condition)
4 dining chairs (good condition)
Sideboard (good condition)
Various small furniture items (e.g. bedside tables) (good condition)
General small household items for disposal (various condition)

Note that access to the property is along a 100 meter private driveway. Tight turn at entrance. Large forecourt at house to enable van to turn and face exit.

Thank you for your time with this matter in advance. Ian Hislop

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Steve answered 1 year ago

Good Afternoon, Last week is used a fully insured and highly recommended company in Grange-over-Sands to clear my aunts two bedroom flat. The company is called Northern House Clearance.

In the house there was only large items of furniture to be removed, this included: Two double beds and mattresses, A vanity dresser, two wardrobes, two side tables, A dining table and chairs, one sofa and one armchair, a sideboard and a fridge freezer. Many of these items were donated to charity by the team from Northern House Clearance.

My family and i had already removed all of the smaller items from the property we did not have the time or means to remove the furniture ourselves. The team from Northern House Clearance had everything cleared within under an hour, highly highly recommend them to you.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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