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Nick asked 9 months ago

Good Morning,

I am looking for details on a reputable house clearance company.

I have a five bedroom, three reception plus kitchen, detached house and it is in a filthy, cluttered, disgusting state, including rotting food in the fridge.

We have been unable to find any jewelry, documents, car service record or a will, we would need a reputable house clearance firm to look out for anything of this nature.

The house is situated in Redcar, Teesside.

I know it is short notice but I will be in Redcar on Monday morning to meet the funeral director, so it would be advantageous to meet a house clearance firm then as I don’t live in Redcar.

Any details would be much appreciated.


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Joseph answered 9 months ago

Good Morning Nick,

Last year my great aunt passed away, we were faced with clearing her unbearable four bedroom town house in Redcar, her home had become extremely cluttered and filthy over the years, we had to hire a specialist company to clear it for us as it was too big a job for us to do.

We hired a company called Northern House Clearance who have teams that specialize in these types of cluttered house clearances, they only requested 48 hours notice, so we were able to get booked in pretty quickly.

I liaised with a lady called Lauren from head office who was able to guide me through the clearance process, I told her that due to the clutter we were unable to find any of my aunts valuables, Lauren assured me that the team would be able to find such things on our behalf.

The team of three fully uniformed men arrived at 9am to begin the house clearance, it took two days in total due to the extreme amount of rubbish and filth, throughout the two days, the team kept us updated and kept all valuables including jewellery, medals and her will to one side for us.

The whole process seemed daunting but the team made it look so easy once the clearance was completed.

I can highly recommend them to clear any type of cluttered or verminous house.

I hope this helps,


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