House Clearance Ryton Needed Due To Bad Tenant

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Dylan asked 2 years ago

Hi, I have a 2 bedroom terraced house in Ryton that is in a mess.

Basically, the tenant that I was renting it out to has let it deteriorate badly and it’s full of black bags full of empty cans, bottles, food packaging etc.

Would you be able to help me find an honest licensed house clearance company please. Thank You

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Lar answered 2 years ago

Hi Dylan

Last week we used a reputable company called Northern House Clearance to clear my three bedroom house in Blaydon. I had the same situation with a tenant who was a complete hoarder, it got to the point where she could no longer stay in her bedroom due to the amount of rubbish and deteriorated food waste covering her bed and the floor around her bed.

This was the case throughout last of the house, the only room that was half okay was the living room where I believe she had been sleeping for the last year or so. Unfortunately my tenant did not have the decency to bag up her rubbish.

A team of three men in a large Luton van arrived to clear the house, they had large dumpy bags to dispose of all of the food waste etc. They started clearing the downstairs first before they could gain access to upstairs. They managed to get the whole downstairs cleared on the first day. Luckily they could book me in for the next day to finish the upstairs.

The guys done an outstanding job. Details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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