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Hank Devlin asked 1 year ago

Hi all,

Sadly my mother is going to be moved to a care home in the near future.

She lives in a  2 bedroom flat in Sandy, the flat needs totally clearing but unfortunately it includes quite a lot of soiled items such as carpets and a mattress.

Has anyone ever dealt with this sort of clearance before and would kindly advise someone who would be willing to carry out the work?


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Hillary Knowland answered 1 year ago

Hi there I am very sorry to hear about your mother Hank, I have been faced with the same task clearing out my mums bungalow in the Sandy area of Bedfordshire on the 1st of this month.

I used a company Foxtons House Clearance and they were really great. They collected the keys to carry out the clearance without me there as you can understand It was very overwhelming.

The keys were to be handed back to the council and the property fully cleared including a soiled bed and carpet also. The house clearance service we received was excellent and the house clearance staff were very professional. For any sort of clearance service in the Sandy area I would give these guys a call House Clearance Sandy.

If you search through their website you can see that they are fully licensed and insured and have great feedback section.

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