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Sylvia asked 1 year ago

Hello AFTA  I live in Canada and I will be traveling to the UK the first week of January to have my Mothers two bedroom first floor flat cleared in Sheriff Hill.

How does the process work? Where does all the stuff get taken to? I have not visited the property in many years therefore I am unable to provide a more detailed inquiry but my Mother was quiet minimalist, she took a lot of pride in the items she owned and the environment she lived in.

I’m looking for information for a trusted, insured company with a honorable reputation.

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Sophie answered 1 year ago

Hello Sylvia, AFTA highly recommend a company called Northern House Clearance. They cover quiet a large scale of the UK.

My family and I hired them a few month back to complete a partial house clearance we had to undertake after a close relatives death within the Sheriff Hill area. I spoke with a lady called Lauren who was able to provide a very reasonable quote over the telephone.

A lot of the small contents were donated to various charitable stores within the area, they even boxed all the bedding up for the Cat and Dog shelters – astonishing really! Furniture and white goods were taken to a recycling centre and the whole process took roughly two hours.

We were more than satisfied with the work this company carried out and the customer service provided throughout. I would happily recommend Northern House Clearance as a reliable and respected company. Asset to the industry!

All of the information you require can be located from this link – Northern House Clearance

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