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Margy asked 2 years ago

Hello AFTA staff

I am looking to obtain the details of a reliable house clearance firm for a house clearance in Dundee, I would like the house clearance to take place at the beginning of next month.

I have discussed it with other family members, and we hope to be able to make a decision about whether to go ahead or not, and confirm the date. We would want the house clearance company to recycle and donate the better items to a local charity in the Dundee area that takes in house clearance items. Is this possible? Also we only want the details of a fully insured and licensed business.

Thank you very much for your help so far. Best wishes

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Abbie answered 2 years ago

Hello Margy

Last month i asked AFTA to recommend a reputable house clearance company. Northern House Clearance came the most recommended. I decided to book Northern House Clearance to assist with the clearance of my uncles three bedroom flat in Dundee – Angus.

When the team from Northern House Clearance arrived at 9am, they had a look around the flat and sorted through all of the items, some for recycling centers and some for the local charity stores. Northern House Clearance have provided an excellent service. Hope this helps.

Their phone number etc can be found on their website here Northern House Clearance

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