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George Taylor asked 9 months ago

Good morning,

I have a couple of questions, we are putting things in place for a house clearance, not at the moment but when the time comes we just want to know who to contact.

This is a 3 bedroom house in Thornaby – Teeside that has been lived in for about 50 years, it is very tidy and clean, however there are a number of ornaments, pictures, clocks, furniture, I.e writing desks, cabinets, and a study with I would guess around 1000 or more books.

I need details of a reliable house clearance company in Thornaby – Teeside.

There is also all normal household things, kitchen accessories equipment, sofas, beds, dressing tables to name but a few.

Thank you in anticipation for your help.

George Taylor

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Mark answered 9 months ago

Good Afternoon George,

Last year, we used a company called Northern House Clearance to clear my late mums three bedroom town house in Thornaby.

My mums house was clean and fairly organized though she acquired a lot of bric-a-brac and books that were stacked on shelving.

A team of three house clearance specialists met me at my mums home at 9am to begin the clearance, they managed to donate a large amount of the books, ornaments, crockery and a small amount of furniture to charities in the Thornaby area.

The team had the whole house cleared within just three hours, they managed to clear all furniture, appliances, carpets, ornaments and crockery etc.

I can highly recommend them to carry out the house clearance for you, from start to finish the process was easy and the team were professional and polite throughout.

I hope this helps,


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