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Don asked 6 months ago

Hello AFTA, my late grandfather passed last year and he owned a four bedroom terraced house situated in Throckley.

The property also has a large attic and a double garage. It has been on the market for a while now but a sale is currently being processed, however the new vendor would like the property completely emptied and we need to act quiet quickly. Fairly standard household items, mainly old furniture pieces. 1 room was used as a study/reading room and their is a lot of books.

The garage was used as a workshop and their is a lot of old machinery and tools etc. This is a big job and requires an equipped organisation and an experienced team with the necessary licenses.

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Stevie answered 6 months ago

Hi Don, A few months ago I required a complete house clearance of my uncles three bedroom house in Throckley. The house had a garage attached that was full of workshop equipment as my uncle was a joiner, the house also had a lot of heavy equipment and tools etc. The remainder of the items consisted of large furniture, appliances, carpets etc.

I needed the house clearance on such short notice as the new buyers wanted to move in a few days later. I contacted Northern House Clearance Throckley who I found on AFTA, after receiving information and a reasonable quote they were able to accommodate me for the following day.

Three house clearance specialists arrived to clear the house the following day, I was amazed at how hard they worked to remove all of the heavy equipment and furniture etc, I was expecting it to take more than one day, they had the whole has and garage cleared within 5 hours. I highly recommend Northern House Clearance as an honest reputable and fully licensed company to carry out any house clearance like this one.

Contact details here Northern House Clearance

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