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Shiela asked 2 years ago

Hey AFTA staff!

We have to clear my mother-in-laws three bedroom house in Ulverston next week (Thursday or Friday) This is no ordinary house as she has been a hoarder for the past 30 years and has a full outbuilding plus we believe the loft is also full.

The property is being sold with completion expected on Monday 4th so needs to be emptied by then. We will be in England Tuesday evening. So 2 questions, can you provide us with the name a company that is AFTA registered that operate in Ulverston? And lastly do you have a rough idea how much they would charge for house clearance?

Thanks in advance. Shiela

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Ashley answered 2 years ago

Hi Shiela, I am a teacher, I have been a hoarder for over 15 years, a few months ago I decided I have had enough and required my three bedroom detached house located in Workington to be cleared from top to bottom including carpets so that I could have a fresh start. My home became so bad that there was food waste throughout and many bedroom entrances had been blocked,

I have been living on the couch for several years. I contacted Northern House Clearance who discussed my situation over the phone, I was very embarrassed about my situation, they assured me that everything was okay and that they had seen worse. A team of three specialists arrived to clear my house, it took two days in total, the team were very nice all the way throughout and were very understanding to my situation making me feel at ease, they have done an outstanding job having the house cleared, now a few months down the line I could not be happier and have my life on track all thanks to Northern House Clearance. I would highly recommend them to you.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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