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James asked 6 months ago

I am acting on behalf of my elderly neighbor, he has no family and he needs help clearing out his home. His wife has recently passed away and he is going to go into sheltered accommodation within the next month or so.
I have never done this before therefore any details or direction would be hugely helpful.

The gentleman lives in a two bedroom bungalow on the outskirts of Walbottle. I would describe the property as cluttered but not overly. I am willing to help as much as I can but I am quiet restricted due to working.

How does it work? Would I need to pack up all the items that need to be taken away? How much does a clearance cost on average?

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Paula answered 6 months ago

Good afternoon James, just last week I assisted a good friend with the clearance of her home after the passing of her elderly husband. Following the clearance she moved into a small apartment and downsized her belongings by a huge amount. Her home is located in Blucher – Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I had never needed a house clearance before so was unsure on the process.

I found Northern House Clearance In Walbottle on AFTA, after reading many customers who have recommended them I decided to give them a call. I spoke to a lady called Lauren who explained the whole process to me and gave me a reasonable quote. I arranged a date and received my quote via email. Lauren told me that the house clearance specialists would bag all of the loose belongings and that we didn’t have to touch anything. Three house clearance specialists arrived on the day wearing full uniform and were on time, the team were very understanding of my friends situation and were patient with us as this was our first time having a house clearance done.

From start to finish the team were outstanding, providing a great service, they donated a lot to a local charity and took all of the bedding towels and soft furnishings to the local cat and dog shelter. We could not be more happy with the service provided. Phone number and contact details Northern House Clearance

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