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Joe asked 6 months ago

I am a landlord and I have recently had to go through the process of an eviction. Not a nice proceeding nor is the aftermath I am being left with. I have a 3 bedroom end of terrace house based in Westerhope, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The tenants have sadly left the property is an awful state and I am being faced with not only covering the damages but clearing out all the mess they have left behind.

I have put together an inventory of the items that I require to be removed but it briefly entails; a small quantity of furniture, a broken fridge freezer, washing machine, a large glass fish tank, (scattered) food waste, children’s toys, clothing, etc. Their is also piles of laminate flooring that has already been pulled up from two of the bedrooms. Carpet remains throughout the rest of the property and I am also looking to have them uplifted and removed.

Could AFTA please recommend a fully licensed and insured company. Thank you in advance. Joe

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Dale answered 6 months ago

Good afternoon Joe, last month I had the same issue with an awful tenant who vacated one of my four bedroom houses in the Westerhope – Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. Unfortunately I had to cover all damage costs and the house clearance costs.

The property had been left in a right state that through to damages I am still working on. I done some research on clearance company’s in the area and found that Northern house clearance in Westerhope came highly recommended by many customers on AFTA.

I read many of their reviews on their website and found that they done many clearances like this one. I called to received a reasonable quote and booked a day for the house clearance. On the day three house clearance specialists arrived, fully uniformed and ready to go, they cracked on with the job straight away.

I required everything in the house to be cleared, carpets, appliances etc, the whole house was manky. The specialists bagged up all of the rubbish using dumpy bags, cleared all of the verminous food waste accordingly, I booked a basic cleaning service as I still have much repairs to do in the property, only certain rooms I had cleaned due to this.

The lads done a cracking job from start to finish. Very professional company, fully uniformed staff, fully licensed and insured and provide a spot on service throughout. Details here Northern House Clearance

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