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Brian asked 2 years ago

Hi we have a 3 bedroom house in Whickham we need to clear due to bereavement, we started clearing cupboards but finding that we don’t know what to do with anything, we also have 2 huts outside need clearing too.

Apart from furniture and household goods and some white goods there will be a certain amount of scrap and rubbish that needs taken as well. We need to get the house on the market soon.

Myself and brother are the executors and sole beneficiaries of our parents will. Can you give any idea of where we can find a good house clearance company, last thing we want to do is hire a bunch of cowboys. Thank you Brian

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Jack answered 2 years ago

Hi Brian, my sister and I were in the same situation a few months ago, we began to clear my fathers three bedroom house in Ryton ourselves, once we had room a few car loads do the local tip, we realised it was too big a job for us to do on our own.

I also was very skeptic of cowboy companies so after doing a lot of research I found a company called Northern House Clearance, they are fully licensed and members of the anti fly tipping association. A team of three fully uniformed me came to clear the house, as they were clearing the house they sorted through everything that could go to charity.

They done an outstanding job clearing the house for us and disposed all of the rubbish legally. They made what looked like a hard job for me and my sister to do, easy. Over all a great service on their behalf I would highly recommend them.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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