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John asked 2 years ago

I have recently received grant of probate for my father’s house in Whitburn, Sunderland. It is a 1930’s 3 bedroom semi, however after my mother passed away my father became ill and the house is in a cluttered state.

There is also a car to be dealt with and although the car itself is in good condition, it needs a new tyre and battery as there is a SORN notice on it, due to my father’s illness, so it hasn’t been driven in over a year.

There are a lot of books and DVDs in the house, plus a riser-recliner chair which I’m sure would benefit someone with a disability but I don’t know where to find out about this. The whole situation is not helped by the fact that I live in London!

I would really appreciate some advice as how best to deal with the house clearance along with a name of a good house clearance company. With thanks and regards.

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Mark answered 2 years ago

Hi John, I had the same problem a few months ago trying to find a house clearance for roughly the same situation, I live in Manchester and my mum who sadly passed had a two bedroom detached house in Sunderland. The house was extremely cluttered as she used to be a hoarder.

I found a really good house clearance company called Northern House Clearance, they explained the whole process to me and gave a very good quote. As I was unable to be present on the day of the clearance, I posted the keys to Northern House clearances head office, once they cleared the house they sent me the keys back to my home address.

The team kept me updated throughout the whole process of the clearance, they made the whole process super easy. Once they had the property completely cleared they sent me photographs of the empty house, they done an absolutely amazing job. Now the house is sold and I am worry free.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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