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Claire asked 1 year ago

I am about to sell my part furnished property in Whitehaven as I now live abroad. I have a number of items (teak dining table, oak dining table & bench, side boards, wardrobe, iron bed, leather sleigh bed, love seat etc) that I need to clear out.

I wondered if would be able to help me find a licensed and insured house clearance company that work within the Whitehaven area.

I will be visiting the property next week if that would be any help.

Could you please provide me some details of companies you recommend?

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Josh answered 1 year ago

Hi, last year I moved abroad to work as a teacher, I had to have my three bedroom house cleared in Whitehaven so that I could let it out for a regular monthly income.

I wouldn’t say there was a great deal to be cleared but quite a lot of bulky furniture. I called around to get a few quotes and advice from many clearance companies and came across Northern House Clearance. I met a team from Northern House Clearance at the property, the provided an absolutely outstanding service, they had the whole house cleared within a short few hours, they also cleaned the property afterwards so that it was in pristine condition ready to let out.

I know that Northern House Clearance are still running and are just as outstanding as ever as i follow their Facebook Page. Hope this helps you. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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