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Matt asked 2 years ago


My disabled friend has recently vacated a property in Whitley Bay leaving behind a co-tenant who has 10 days to remove his items, which should be achieved.

Anything left needs removing and the property (a small 3 bedroomed town house in the centre of Whitley Bay) needs cleaning throughout before the estate agent can re-list.

Could you please provide me with a name of a good house clearance in the area. I’m looking ideally for around the 2nd September. Thanks, Matt

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Jade answered 2 years ago

Hi Matt. Last week I hired a company called Northern House Clearance to clear a three bedroom flat I was living in, in Victoria Mews, Whitley Bay. I have not moved into a house, I had to have all of my items out out the flat and into my new house ready to hand the keys back to the estate agents.

A team of three guys arrived from Northern House Clearance to clear the remaining items that were left. As I am now starting fresh In my new home, I have bought all new furniture etc so the flat was still quite full. The guys cleared it within only a few hours and cleaned it throughout straight after.

They are a very reliable company and very professional, the team that came out were in full uniform and were very polite, they were very careful with clearing the items, making sure not to scratch any walls, over all they provided me with a very efficient and professional service, I would highly recommend them.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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