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Alex asked 2 years ago

Good afternoon

I need to clear my mother’s house in Wideopen as she has gone into a home. It is three bed semi with attached garage. The loft is empty.

I have got rid of all the clothes and taken stuff like cutlery leaving mainly

1. Furniture -some can’t be recycled as no fire sticker.

2. China/glasses/ornaments/vases

2. General junk especially kitchen and cupboard under-stairs.

I’m leaving the fridge freezer, washer, tumble dryer, step ladders, long ladders and lawn mower for whoever buys it. The third bedroom has what looks like a built in wardrobe but is in fact free standing and the length and height of a wall. That is staying.

All carpets and curtains are staying.

The contents of the shed (mainly tools) are staying

I’ve had two firms round -one quoted £600 inc vat and the other £550-600 inc VAT but none made any mention of offset if they found any nuggets. I was surprised that one firm said that they arrive at 08.30 and not expect to leave until about 16.30 as they have to pack stuff up.

I’d like a house clearance company that will off set against any antique type valuables they may find.

Can you recommend a house clearance company that offer what I am looking for.

Regards Alex

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Rob answered 2 years ago

Hi Alex, I used a company that offer an offset service a few weeks ago to clear my mums three bedroom house in Seaton Burn. The company was called Northern House Clearance. Three fully uniformed men with a large Luton van arrived at 9am to clear the house, they cracked on straight away, during the process they put aside valuables and antiques including jewellery, a clock and a few other bits and bobs.

At the end they showed me what could be offset against the cost of the clearance, I kept a few items of the jewellery as they were personal to my family, the rest was offset against the cost of the clearance. Everything in the house except white goods, carpets and curtains were to be removed, as well as a small garage needing cleared. They had this done by roughly 1pm.

I would highly recommend there services, it took a big weight off my shoulders having the house cleared ready to go up for sale, and also that they took money off he total cost. The team that arrived were very polite and understanding of my situation, a great company overall.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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