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Sophia asked 1 year ago

I have a property in Wideopen I need to make arrangements to be cleared of all household appliances. The property has three bedrooms, two main rooms and a smaller room used for storage over the years, a lounge, a dining room and a kitchen.

There is also two small outer storage sheds containing the usual mixed gardening tools.

The property itself is not hoarded with cluttered, contains the usual standard furniture some of it is quiet modern so may be able to go to charity.

This is a delicate situation and this is not a process I am familiar with, any help or information to appoint me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Carol answered 1 year ago

Dear Sophia, clearing a property is not something you can do lightly giving the timely draining process not to mention the emotion attached. I can relate. I experienced a situation back in November where I was responsible for clearing out my fathers one bedroom house in Wideopen. Upon researching, I came across various sites but Northern House Clearance Wideopen came recommended via AFTA, they were registered licensed and very much experienced within the house clearance industry therefore I decided to book their services.

They donated a lot to charitable stores and what they were unable to they recycled accordingly at a local commercial recycling centre. It took a team of three house clearance men a total of roughly 2 hours in total if I remember rightly. They respectfully completed the clearance with great delicacy and I would be more than happy to recommend their services as a very satisfied customer. Northern House Clearance