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Flynn Richards asked 1 year ago

Hello to the team at AFTA.

We require a domestic house clearance company to do some work for us.

We are looking for the all of the remaining items within the property to be removed and disposed of – potentially all of the carpets lifted if this is a service house clearance can provide?

The property is located in the Woburn area of Bedfordshire, However we are located in the highlands of Scotland. The keys would need to be collected from a property management company in Woburn itself before the work could be carried out. I appreciate an additional charge may have to be added on for this travelling.

Ideally we would be looking for this to be done next week if you please help us with a company.

I will be in meeting for the rest of today but will have access to internet (this forum) and will reply when able to do so.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

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Sophie Mannor answered 1 year ago

Hi all i think this forum is great!

At the end of last month I had to put my trust into a company nearly 300 miles away from where I am based. I was left with the dreadful task of clearing out a relations house after they sadly passed. I was the next point of contact and was unsure if there would be any real need for me to travel all that way to attend the house clearance. I called more than one house clearance company from google and came across Foxtons House Clearance.

They assured me that there was no need for me to travel and they could complete the full clearance without me being present. I provided them with instructions for collection of keys and off they went, later that day I received a email stating property had been cleared, keys handed back safely along with photographs and a full invoice for the work.

This company saved me a lot of time, hassle and heartache.

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