Fly tipped needles, rotting meat, human faeces, flies – Harrow Council want landowners to take responsibility

Harrow Council wants landowners to take responsibility for refuse left on their property after a spate of fly-tipping incidents behind their shops.

People living in Mollison Way, Edgware, were “sick and disgusted” by the amount of rubbish being dumped in the area.

A local property owner said “ There were serious safety concerns about what was accumulating as it was attracting vermin. It was going from bad to worse and, if it carries on this way, it will be absolutely disastrous,”.

“There is flammable material out there, needles, rotting meat, human faeces, flies. It’s dangerous and disgusting.”

The problem seems to be because nobody knows who is responsible for each piece of land.

“No-one knows whose land is whose, so nothing ever gets cleared up. Residents have complained to environmental teams but they’re not responding,” he said.

The council said it was aware and even though it is not their responsibility they took action to ensure that it was cleared.

Harrow Council, said: “This filthy eyesore was on private land that’s unfortunately been used as a dumping ground for all sorts of waste by disgusting people with no respect.

“It’s not our land to clear, but we do have powers to take action – and that’s what we’ve done.

The landowner, who I’m sure is equally fed up with this filthy behaviour has now cleared and fenced this off. This should be an end to the nightmare that residents have had to face.”

Harrow Council are pleading with residents to continue to report all instances of fly-tipping via the council’s website.