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Alex asked 2 weeks ago

Hello, I am acting as an executor for our clients estate. We require information of a reliable fully insured house clearance company who specialise in clearing cluttered houses.

My client who is in the process of moving into residential care needs her four bedroom house cleared in Chester ready for the house being sold. I have recently visited my clients home and have taken several photographs which I can provide to a worthy house clearance company upon retrieving a quote.

The house is unlike one I have seen before, every room is completely full of years worth of clutter, the only room that is not cluttered is the living room which my client has lived in for several years.

I require details of a reliable house clearance company as my client has valuables which may be buried under all of the clutter, we also require all paperwork to be held back and my client would greatly appreciate a company who will donate as much as they can to charities.

Thank you, Alex.

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Grace answered 2 weeks ago

Good Afternoon Alex. Last month my great gran moved into residential care, prior to this we had to have her five bedroom extremely cluttered town house cleared in Chester.

Like your client, my gran had been hoarding for most of her elderly years, her home became so extremely cluttered that it was difficult to move around in.

I needed a reliable and professional company to complete the job at hand and found a company called The Cluttered House Clearance Company who only specialise in Cluttered clearances. The cluttered house clearance specialists were very professional and were understanding of my grans situation, the team knew exactly what they were doing as soon as they entered her house.

It took four days to have the whole house gutted, three whole van loads of clothing, furniture, crockery and bric-a-brac etc went to local charities throughout the course of the four days.

Not only did the cluttered house clearance specialists do an outstanding job, but they found my grans antique jewellery underneath all of the clutter, they also kept all of my grans family photographs and paperwork to one side for us to go through.

I asked the team on the day if they could deliver some small bits of the furniture, some bags of clothing and all of my grans belongings to the care home approximately a mile away, they done this for us free of charge.

An absolutely outstanding company with reliable and hard-working cluttered house clearance specialists.

Here is their contact info in case you decide to use their services. Telephone: 07731383671 Email:

Thank you, Grace

Wayne answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Alex, I can also confirm with Grace that The Cluttered House Clearance Company are the best firm to carry out a cluttered house clearance for you.

They cleared my mums two bedroom extremely cluttered flat in Chester last year.

The cluttered house clearance specialists were very professional and provided a vast and efficient service. 5******