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Alice asked 2 weeks ago

Good Morning, I am looking for some advice on having my mums three bedroom extremely cluttered house cleared in Coventry.

Our family have visited the property on numerous occasions to try and salvage as much valuables that belonged to my mum but we are finding it so difficult due to the extreme clutter, has anyone used a reliable house clearance company that have retrieved valuable items such as jewellery and antiques?

As well as a company specialising in cluttered clearances I would appreciate it if they could donate as much as they could to local charities as my mum hoarded mostly new items, she would buy on QVC and from charity shops constantly, this is how she accumulated so much clutter in the first place. Any info would be much appreciated, thank you. Alice

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Martin answered 2 weeks ago

Good Afternoon Alice, Last year my grandma passed away, I had to arrange to have her three bedroom extremely cluttered bungalow cleared in Coventry.

I consulted with AFTA and found a company called The Cluttered House Clearance Company who came highly recommended by many of their customers.

I hired The Cluttered House Clearance Company to clear my grans home. The bungalow was unbearable to look at and I didn’t know where to start, the cluttered house clearance specialists made the whole process so easy for me, they cleared the whole bungalow within three days and even donated a van full of the clutter to local charities in the Coventry area.

Amongst all the clutter, the cluttered house clearance specialists managed to salvage war medals that had been passed down to my gran many years ago, they also managed to find £120 for me.

I can highly recommend The Cluttered House Clearance Company to assist with the clearance of your mums house, they only specialise in clearing cluttered properties.

Here is their contact info Tel: 07731383671 Email:

Greg answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Alice, I can confirm what Martin is saying as I myself recently used the Cluttered House Clearance Company. 5 star service.