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Marlene asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I have a three bedroom extremely cluttered detached house that needs clearing in the Derby area. Any details of a licensed and insured company who specialise in clearing cluttered houses would be much appreciated.

I ideally need the house cleared by the end of this coming month so that I can move on with getting the house put up for sale.

My aunt who passed away last month lived in the house, she was an extreme hoarder who hoarded everything from books, clothing to ornaments.

I cannot stress enough how cluttered the house actually is and i can provide photographs to any company who is willing to take the Job on.

I believe it may take more than a week to clear due to the extreme amount of clutter.

Thank you, Marlene.

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Jason answered 2 weeks ago

Good Morning Marlene. A few months ago I hired a company called The Cluttered House Clearance Company to clear my grans three bedroom extremely cluttered town house in Derby.

The cluttered house clearance specialists were great, they cleared the whole house within four days and donated a huge amount to the local charities in Derby.

My gran had been hoarding all of her life, much like your aunt, her home was full of books, ornaments, clothing etc.

Before the cluttered house clearance specialists cleared her home, it was impossible to move around, I don’t know how she managed for so long.

I found The Cluttered House Clearance Company on AFTA as they are members, I visited their website and read a few of their house clearance customer reviews, after reading just three, I knew they were the company for the job.

I emailed for a quote and received some info and a reasonable quote as well as a time scale for how long the Job would take, I was able to get booked in for the same week.

Amongst all the clutter and rubbish, the cluttered house clearance specialists managed to find all of my grans jewellery and a few other things that were quite valuable which they gave to me as soon as they found them.

I can highly recommend them as a professional, fully licensed and insured company to carry out the job at hand.

Here is their contact info Tel: 07731383671 Email:

Gareth answered 5 days ago

Hi Marlene, I can concur with Jason, I also used The Cluttered House Clearance Company.

The cluttered house clearance specialists provided a highly professional service when carrying out a clearance on my grans extremely cluttered house in Derby.

I can highly recommend them to carry out this kind of extremely cluttered house clearance for you.