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John asked 2 weeks ago

Good morning, I am in the process of clearing my fathers extremely cluttered two bedroom house in Durham. I have found that it is just too much for me to carry on and need a reputable house clearance firm to step in.

I am looking for a reliable and fully licensed house clearance company who specialise in clearing cluttered houses.

My father had bought a lot of jewellery throughout his life which I have sadly not came across yet, I would need a reliable company who can hand his jewellery into me once found.

The house is extremely cluttered with all sorts of junk, though I believe there is a lot that can be donated to charity.

Any info of a reliable and professional company would be much appreciated.

Thank you, John.

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paul answered 2 weeks ago

Good Afternoon John. In November last year I had to have my uncles extremely cluttered house cleared in Durham. I planned to clear his home myself but upon visiting I realised the job was far too big for me to do.

I had never used a house clearance company before and had to do extensive research to find the right one for this kind of cluttered house clearance.

I consulted with AFTA and found a company called The Cluttered House Clearance Company who only specialise in clearing cluttered houses.

I read some of their customer testimonials and emailed them for a quote which I received one back within ten minutes.

Three fully uniformed cluttered house clearance specialists met me at my uncles property at 9am on the first day of the clearance, I showed them the downstairs (upstairs was not accessible yet) and they began the clearance straight away.

On the first day, they had the whole downstairs cleared of all junk, appliances and even carpets, the team worked extremely hard and called it a day at 7pm.

The next day they managed to remove all the clutter that was barricading the staircase and begin clearing the upstairs. When clearing the first bedroom they found all of my uncles war medals and jewellery which they gave to me straight away.

Due to the extreme clutter upstairs they only managed to clear the hallway, one bedroom and the staircase on the second day.

On the third day the cluttered house clearance specialists finished the clearance, clearing the remaining two bedrooms, the bathroom and the loft.

Throughout the process of the clearance, two whole van loads were taken to local charities whilst the rest went to recycling.

An outstanding service carried out by such a professional company, the team were very hard-working throughout.

Here is their info Tel: 07731383671 Email:

Hope this helps, Paul.

Sarah answered 5 days ago

Hi John, In January I used The Cluttered House Clearance Company to clear my dads extremely cluttered house in Durham.

The cluttered house clearance specialists provided an outstanding service when clearing his home, they found all of my dads war medals for me and donated a large amount of bric-a-brac, clothing and furniture to charity.