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Amy asked 1 year ago

Good Afternoon, I am looking for details of a reputable house clearance company who clear hoarded and cluttered properties in the Bromley – London area.

I have come to the realisation that I am a hoarder.

I work night shift every second day, finishing work at 9am on a morning just in time for stores opening.

After work, I have a browse around shops constantly purchasing unnecessary things that I don’t need, because I work night shifts, when I get home I go to bed straight away, throwing my new purchases on the floor.

My home has become so cluttered that I can barely move around, there are piles of junk and clutter piled to nearly waist height throughout my whole house.

I have moved my bed into the living room as both bedrooms are completely filled with junk and can’t be accessed.

Even though I am living in my living room, it is also completely filled with junk, I managed to have a sort out a few years ago and boxed a lot of things up into plastic boxes, these boxes are piled near to the ceiling, as well as boxes of junk there is a huge amount of loose clutter and bags of new items lying around.

My home is a two bedroom house in Bromley, it has a kitchen, a living room, a conservatory, a bathroom and a garage.

The kitchen is barely used, I eat out of packets and tins, the empty food packaging has also built up amongst the clutter.

In the kitchen the appliances are practically new, these can all remain in my house, there is a corner piled high with brand-new small kitchen appliances, these can all be cleared and possibly donated to charity.

The conservatory is piled floor to ceiling with junk, all the furniture is covered and the floor can’t be seen.

Both of my bedrooms have been filled with mainly bags full of new items that I have purchased over the years, practically everything could be donated to charity, even the furniture as it is all pine.

The garage is filled with boxes of stuff from my childhood that my mum gave to me a few years ago, I want all of this to be cleared.

I want all the carpets to be removed also as they will be thick with dust and grime.

I want to keep nothing apart from things in the kitchen, I want a fresh start where I can maintain cleanliness when I come home from work, I want to be able to come home and go into my bedroom instead of living in the lounge, I want to be able to access my kitchen to cook, at the moment I am climbing over mountains of clutter just to make a glass of water.

I feel really embarrassed by the state that my home is in, would it be possible for a company to collect keys from a neighbour and return them? If so, how will I pay for the service once the team are finished?

I will take time off work whilst the clearance is being carried out, so that I can be contacted if needs be, I will be staying with a friend in the area as it may take more than one day.

I can’t wait to move on from this and have a place to call home again.

Any recommendations of a reputable house clearance company would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Amy.

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admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Hiya Amy, hopefully I can add further assistance.

We have a member that is fully licensed with the UK Environment Agency and also fully insured to undertake the clearance of hoarded and cluttered houses.

They cover all UK areas and list costs and prices on their website.

Check our members page here The Cluttered & Hoarded House Clearance Company

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Hope this helps Andy (AFTA Staff)