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Alice asked 1 year ago

Good morning, I am looking for recommendations for a reputable house clearance company who specialise in the clearing and cleaning of hoarded and cluttered houses.

My sister has a three bedroom semi-detached house in Barking and Dagenham that has become extremely cluttered over a period of ten years.

For the past ten years my sister became distant from me and my mum, though she would meet us for coffees and lunch she would never allow us to visit her at home and would not let us know where she lived.

My mum and I become greatly concerned and questioned her about it, this pushed her further away and our lunch dates became less frequent.

Last year, my sister finally broke down to me and my mum explaining that she had a compulsive hoarding problem and that she had been ashamed to let us see her home, she finally let us visit to see the full extent of her problem and help her move forward from it.

After visiting, we realised she needed specialist help with clearing and cleaning her home and convinced her to move into my mums in the meantime.

Whilst my sis has been living with my mum she wouldn’t allow us to go to her home to remove anything, we have had a therapist who specialises in compulsive hoarding help her with these issues, she is now able to let go of everything and start fresh.

We are looking to have her home completely cleared of all rubbish, furniture, carpets and appliances, she has asked that any jewellery found whilst clearing to be kept for her, everything else can go.

Once the house has been completely cleared, my mum and I are going to pay to have it redecorated, new carpets put down and new furniture and appliances fitted.

The house has three bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

The house isn’t completely filled with rubbish, part of my sisters hoarding problem was buying mountains of junk online, so most of it could probably be donated.

The rubbish consists of mainly empty boxes, packaging from things she has purchased over the ten years, the main real rubbish lies in the kitchen, there is roughly 20 bags of food waste, other than that the house is relatively clean.

The clutter is piled to waist height in every room and even in the hallways.

The bathrooms are both relatively clean with a few boxes of ornaments in each.

All the furniture is hidden underneath the mountains of clutter, only the sofa suite in the living room is visible, and these even have books etc piled on top of them.

We are looking to have her home cleared relatively quick before she changes her mind.

As well as having the house cleared, we would like it to be cleaned afterwards.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.


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admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Hiya Alice, hopefully I can add further assistance.

We have a member that is fully licensed with the UK Environment Agency and also fully insured to undertake the clearance of hoarded and cluttered houses.

They cover all UK areas and list costs and prices on their website.

Check our members page here The Cluttered & Hoarded House Clearance Company

Hoarded house before and after pics | Hoarded house clearance how much? | Hoarded house clearance FAQs

Hope this helps Andy (AFTA Staff)

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