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Audrey asked 1 year ago

Good Morning, I am seeking information for a house clearance company who can clear and clean hoarded and cluttered properties in the Enfield area.

I am 65 years old and currently living in my two bedroom bungalow in Enfield.

Seven years ago my husband sadly passed away, when he passed I didn’t know what to do with myself, I began compulsively buying hoards of items online, and now my home has become extremely cluttered with these items.

I have recently purchased a small apartment in Spain where I wish to retire over the next few months, prior to my moving, I need to have my home completely cleared and cleaned so that I can sell it and have no ties left in the UK.

Prior to the house clearance team arriving, I will have removed all of my belongings, everything remaining will need clearing, the estate agents have instructed that it will be best for the carpets and appliances to be cleared too, basically leaving my home an empty shell.

I have been continuously buying mountains of stuff every day for the past seven years, I have been addicted to buying online.

I realised I had a problem last year when I found that I had no more space to put anything else.

I come to terms with my being a compulsive hoarder and started to let go of things, I was able to start small by throwing away old magazines and eventually managed to donate a few boxes of things to charity.

I am now fully aware of the impact that hoarding has had on my life and wish to move forward from it by completely clearing everything.

There is a huge amount of the stuff that could be donated to charity, and would appreciate it if a house clearance company could do this on my behalf.

My bungalow consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, two storage cupboards, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Even though I have donated some stuff to charity, it hasn’t made a dent.

I can meet the team at my home for the clearance, I will have to show them how to move around the property through the narrow passageway I have created amongst the piles of clutter, it may be easier if they clear the hallway first.

There is only a small amount of rubbish mostly consisting of empty boxes from things I have purchased.

The bedrooms are filled with carrier bags of new stuff, there is also the basic amount of furniture buried underneath the clutter, the only visible furniture is a two seated sofa which I have been sleeping on.

I have managed to keep on top of the dusting and cleaning as much as I can, I used the kitchen regularly too and cleaned up after myself every time, so the cleaning shouldn’t be too big a job.

I am ashamed of the way I have been living, but want to move through this, I would greatly appreciate not being judged.

Thank you, Audrey.

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Sandra answered 12 months ago

Hi Audrey, I used to be a compulsive hoarder a few years ago, I have a three bedroom bungalow in Enfield that I had to have cleared as I was not able to move around much in my home due to the clutter.

I, like you, used to purchase huge amounts of items online, I would receive about 30 parcels every day, I would buy things from QVC too, things like technology, books, makeup etc, my home become filled with mountains of clutter and I could no longer move around.

I realised I had a problem when I was sleeping one night, one of the huge piles of clutter collapsed on me, hospitalizing me, it took emergency services over half an hour to get my out of my home.

When I was in hospital I came up with a plan to have my home cleared and cleaned so that I could start again, I didn’t want to be a hoarder, not only was I embarrassed by my home, but also had very little money, every penny I had I spent on unnecessary things.

Instead of going home when I came out of hospital, I went to stay at a hotel, I no longer wanted to see my cluttered home, I could no longer bear the mess.

I researched house clearance companies in the Enfield area and came across The Cluttered House Clearance Company, I emailed them for more information, I received a quote and booked a date for their team to come and clear my home.

I explained that I would meet the team at my home to let them in and give them a list of things that I wanted to stay, I didn’t want to go in and see everything being cleared.

It took two days for the team to clear everything and clean my home afterwards, within the two days, three van loads of items got donated to charities in Enfield, mainly including a huge amount of books, clothing, makeup, some items of furniture, ornaments, crockery and even tools.

I had purchased that much stuff online that I had no use for it all, I have no family so couldn’t even gift it, I hugely appreciated that they donated it all to charity to benefit other people.

On the first day I met the specialists at 9am, I gave them my list, and they began the clearance immediately, they managed to clear the hallway, the living room, the dining room and the two storage cupboards, once they were finished, they gave me a call to come back to my home, they showed me the empty rooms and I locked up.

On the second day, the team met me back at my home at 9am again, they finished clearing the three bedrooms and the kitchen, removing all appliances and one of the carpets that I asked to be removed, they then cleaned my whole bungalow, whilst clearing, they placed all of my belongings that I wanted to stay into one room.

The team called me to tell me they had finished the clearance and to come back to my home so that they could show me around, I was amazed at how fast they worked, my home looked completely different, it was time for a new start.

The whole clearance from start to finish was made easy and stress free for me, the team kept me updated throughout both days, they were kind and polite towards me and didn’t judge me in the slightest. Amazing service from them.

Once the team left, I headed back to the hotel where I stayed for a few days until new furniture and appliances got delivered to my home, two years down the line I am now living a clutter free and happy life.

I can highly recommend them to carry out a cluttered or hoarded house clearance.

You can find their contact details at http://www.clutteredhouseclearance.com.

I hope this info helps you,


admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Hiya, hopefully I can add further assistance.

We have a member that is fully licensed with the UK Environment Agency and also fully insured to undertake the clearance of hoarded and cluttered houses.

They cover all UK areas and list costs and prices on their website.

Check our members page here The Cluttered & Hoarded House Clearance Company

Hoarded house before and after pics | Hoarded house clearance how much? | Hoarded house clearance FAQs

Hope this helps Andy (AFTA Staff)

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