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Sarah asked 1 year ago

Good Afternoon, For the past year I have been living in a hotel and receiving professional help for my compulsive hoarding problem.

Now that I have overcome hoarding, I wish to have a fresh start and have my three bedroom cluttered cottage cleared out.

My cottage is located in Harrow.

I am looking for recommendations for specialist house clearance companies who clear cluttered and hoarded houses in the Harrow area.

When I was a child my parents were poor, we lived on a poor estate and scrimped and saved just to buy food, I think that my compulsive hoarding problem stemmed from this, I never wanted to feel poor again and surrounded myself with materialistic things that I just didn’t need.

Once I was old enough I began working, I got a job as a carer in a nursing home, I finally moved out from my family home after saving up enough money and purchased a small cottage in Harrow.

Once I worked my way up the ladder at work and my pay risen, I would bulk buy food from supermarkets and buy designer clothing when they came on sale, this was just the start of my hoarding, now, six years down the line, my home has become completely cluttered with junk.

I planned to sell a lot of the stuff on sites like eBay and Gumtree but the process isn’t fast enough, I fear if I don’t bite the bullet and clear absolutely everything, I will return to my ways and carry on hoarding.

I am looking to have a specialist house clearance company come in as soon as possible and clear everything including carpets and white goods, I want a fresh start.

I have learned that hoarding actually makes me feel poor again, I had no money when I would spend it all on clothing etc, since I have been living in a hotel I have managed to start saving my wages instead of spending it straight away.

When I moved out of my house, I took everything that was sentimental to me or things I needed like my laptop etc, everything that remains in the house can be cleared.

I would appreciate it if the majority of the stuff could be donated to charity instead of going to landfill.

I can meet the team at my home for the clearance, I will not go inside because I fear I will want to keep stuff, the team can keep the keys until they have finished the clearance, I will come back to collect the keys and pay for the job once they are done.

Any info would be much appreciated.


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admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Hiya Sarah, hopefully I can add further assistance.

We have a member that is fully licensed with the UK Environment Agency and also fully insured to undertake the clearance of hoarded and cluttered houses.

They cover all UK areas and list costs and prices on their website.

Check our members page here The Cluttered & Hoarded House Clearance Company

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Hope this helps Andy (AFTA Staff)