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Anne asked 8 months ago

Good Afternoon, I am requesting details for a reputable house clearance firm to clear my sons three bedroom town house in Merton.

Last month my sons girlfriend left unexpectedly leaving behind a huge amount of clutter throughout their shared home.

They had been together for over three years and had rented a home together, over the years their home had become extremely cluttered due to her being a compulsive hoarder.

My son is now looking to move and rent a new place, in order to do so, he needs to have all of her belongings cleared.

The house is a three bedroom town house in Merton – London.

The house consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge, a dining room and a kitchen.

My son is currently living with me and has already removed all of his belongings, everything remaining in their house is to be cleared.

His ex-girlfriend would spend most of her days compulsively spending their money online, purchasing huge amounts of furniture, clothing, books, makeup etc, due to this, their home is cluttered with boxes upon boxes of stuff.

The entryway into their home has a pile stacked to the ceiling of parcels that have not even been opened.

The hallway has boxes upon boxes of clutter containing books, clothing, makeup, perfume, bedding etc, it could all be donated to a local charity, is this something a house clearance company can do?

The living room has two three seated sofas, a large sideboard, three tables, two bookshelves, two chests of drawers, a piano, a corner cupboard and even a wardrobe, surrounding the excessive amount of furniture is boxes and bags filled with new items, covering the furniture is mass amounts of ornaments, vases, books etc, there is also three televisions.

The kitchen is a large country style kitchen with an island in the middle, covering the island is a huge mountain of unopened tinned food, covering the floor is a large quantity of boxes containing cleaning products, books and crockery, there is a huge stack of bulk cans of pop in one corner, the cupboards are filled with food, crockery and cutlery, all the white goods are to remain but the fridge freezer will need to be emptied.

The dining room has a large marble dining table with six chairs, a marble two piece sideboard, a corner cabinet, three occasional chairs and two book shelves, there is a huge amount of loose clutter covering the furniture and flooring area as well as stacks of books everywhere.

The downstairs bathroom is barely visible, the ex has piled boxes to the ceiling, I imagine they contain new items that she has purchased online.

One of the spare bedrooms is completely full of boxes containing clutter, bric-a-brac, clothing, books, stationery etc, there is no furniture in this room.

The second spare bedroom has a double bed, two chests of drawers, two televisions, three wardrobes, a computer desk, a desk chair and a large floor standing mirror, the bed has a huge pile of clothing on top of it, most of the furniture Is piled with boxes of bric-a-brac, the wardrobes and drawers are bulging with junk, floor space is barely visible.

The main bedroom is fairly empty with just a king size bed and mattress, two bedside tables, a vanity dresser, two wardrobes and a television, the wardrobes and drawers are filled with clothing, shoes etc, there’s a few ornaments and books as well.

The upstairs hallway has boxes piled high containing clothing and shoes.

The upstairs bathroom has only a laundry basket and a chest of drawers to bed cleared.

As well as having the whole house cleared, we would like it cleaned too.

How quick could we get a clearance booked in, my son is desperate to move on from this, but we do understand that it could take more than a few days to clear.

Many thanks, Anne.

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admin Staff answered 7 months ago

Hiya, hopefully I can add further assistance.

We have a member that is fully licensed with the UK Environment Agency and also fully insured to undertake the clearance of hoarded and cluttered houses.

They cover all UK areas and list costs and prices on their website.

Check our members page here The Cluttered & Hoarded House Clearance Company

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Hope this helps Andy (AFTA Staff)