Hoarder and Hoarding House Clearance Service

Hoarder House Cleaning and Decluttering Service

When the time comes to clear a hoarder’s house, you’re going to need professional help. There is only so much that a willing individual can achieve, even if you enlist support.

Thankfully, the help you need is only ever a phone call away. The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company offers a nationwide hoarder house clearance service. With the assistance of our friendly, empathetic and professional team, a hoarder’s home will be suitable for habitation in no time.

Clearing a hoarder’s house can be very time-consuming – and dangerous if you are unaware of the risks. This is why we offer a full hoarder house cleaning and decluttering service. The process is broken down into six essential stages.

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Step 1 – Understand Why Individuals are Compelled to Hoard

The first thing that must be done when confronted with hoarding behaviour is taking the time to understand it. Hoarders are often miscategorised as lazy, dirty or disorganised. This is not the case at all.

Hoarding is recognised as a mental illness, and thus any hoarder should be handled with care and empathy. Hoarders do not stockpile objects because they cannot be bothered to throw them away. They are compelled to accumulate and sustain anything they come into contact with.

Unfortunately, professional psychiatric help is not part of the hoarder house clearance service offered by The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company. We do not have that level of expertise! However, our team do understand hoarding, and the drives behind it. This means we can be relied upon to treat our customers with dignity and respect, and maintain their privacy.

Step 2 – Undertake an Assessment of the Property

The first step to our hoarder house clearance service is to undertake a full assessment of the property in question. Please do not worry about this. Our team are very experienced, and have seen everything! There is no job too big or too small for The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company.

The purpose of this assessment is twofold. Firstly, the level of hoarding must be determined. Hoarding is divided into five levels:

  • Level 1 Hoarding consists of clutter that is not deemed excessive, with all stairs and doorways accessible. The home of a Level 1 hoarder will also be considered sanitary, with no foul odours or obvious structural damage.
  • Level 2 Hoarding suggests that a home is starting to show signs of disrepair. This could involve overflowing bins, mould growing on walls, at least one room or exit being blocked by clutter, and a general lack of housekeeping.
  • Level 3 Hoarding sees multiple rooms rendered unusable due to excessive clutter. The home of a Level 3 hoarder will also be unsanitary, with spoiled food dotted throughout. Evidence of a substantial animal population will also be found. These may be pets, or infestations of rodents and wildlife.
  • Level 4 Hoarding makes a home uninhabitable. There will be clear and dangerous evidence of structural problems, including unsafe and exposed electrical wiring. The home will be filled with soiled food. Fleas and other insects will infest the property, and sewage may begin seeping into the house.
  • Level 5 Hoarding leads to a derelict home. Electric, gas and water supplies will be disconnected. Rodents and vermin will inhabit the home, and most – if not all – rooms will be unusable due to clutter. The home will also be soiled with the faeces, blood and urine of humans and animals. A Level 5 hoarder’s home will also be declared as verminous, meaning that a local authority will be asked to step in and arrange a cleaning and decluttering service.

Obviously, the level of hoarding will impact upon the transparent and no-obligation quote that The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company provides.

In the event of an insect or animal infestation, a professional exterminator may also need to be summoned before the hoarder house clearance service can be safely undertaken. This will be discussed with the customer in advance.

Please be assured, however. Once a quote is provided and agreed upon, the price will not change. This is a promise that The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company makes to all our customers, and one that we take very seriously.

Step 3 – Form a Strategy

Once a quote has been provided and agreed upon, The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company will devise a strategy to undertake our hoarder house cleaning and decluttering service.

The most common approach will be to begin with clearing the smallest room of the house. This isn’t simply a matter of easing ourselves into our work gently! Instead, once this room has been emptied, it becomes the sorting room for everything else that is encountered.

Arguably the most important part of our service is sorting items. When things enter the home of a hoarder, they all fall under the same category in the individual’s mind – essential. Naturally, this will not be the case. Our team will painstakingly examine everything they come into contact with, and arrange it into different categories.

Step 4 – Sort the Individual’s Possessions into Different Categories

The possessions of a hoarder will fall into a variety of different categories. These could include:

  • Unneeded clutter. There will be a number of objects in any hoarder’s home that simply serve no purpose. These could include old newspapers and magazines, broken electrical appliances, or rusted and unusable junk or bicycles.
  • Recyclable and salvageable items. Some of the items in a hoarder’s home will likely be salvageable. These items will be returned to the customer if they request, or taken care of as per a pre-agreed arrangement.
  • Paperwork and documentation. One of the most important things that can be found during a hoarder house clearance service is paperwork. Birth certificates, wills, legal correspondence, house deeds and other pivotal data will be located, sorted and filed during the process.
  • Personal and family heirlooms. Another reason to arrange a hoarder house cleaning and decluttering service provided by The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company is the discovery of long-lost valuables. Our team have located a number of treasured possessions long thought lost. These are, of course, returned to our customers with immediate effect.

Once this sorting process is complete, the hard work really starts. The items in the home must be removed.

Step 5 – Remove the Clutter from the Home

When the time comes to remove clutter from a hoarder’s home, The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company can assure customers of two things.

Firstly, the process will be completed with subtlety and dignify, using unmarked vehicles. In addition, we assure you that all possessions will be disposed of ethically and responsibly. We are dedicated members of the Anti Fly Tipping Association, and will never damage the environment as part of our duties.

Our customers are welcome to request and inspect any items, and decide if they would like to reclaim them. Anything unwanted by the customer will be disposed in one of two ways.

Salvageable items, such as repairable appliances or wearable clothing, will be cleaned, repaired and donated to a charitable organisation. The customer is welcome to choose the charity if they are patrons of a particular body.

Items that are beyond salvage will be ethically disposed of. Wherever possible, this will be via the closest recycling centre. The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company will never send items to a landfill unless completely necessary.

Naturally, we will also take the necessary steps to handle any dangerous chemicals found in the property. While we are not legally permitted to handle hazardous waste ourselves, we will work with a local authority to ensure this is done safely and legally.

Step 6 – Complete a Full Deep Clean of the Property

In some respects, the final stage of the hoarder house cleaning and decluttering service is the most important of all. A full and dedicated deep clean will take place, covering every nook and cranny of the house.

This is especially important in the home of a hoarder, as unsanitary living conditions can lead to ongoing problems. If a property is declared verminous, for example, it cannot be inhabited again until declared safe.

Every inch of the hoarder’s home will be deep cleaned as part of this process. The result will ensure that the property is unrecognisable! If our team discover any cause for concern in the process, such as hitherto-unreported structural damage, the customer will be advised.

Eventually, the hoarded house clearance service will be concluded. This could take anywhere between one and three days, depending on the level of hoarding.

If the customer is on-site at this point, our team can take them on a safe tour around the decluttered and cleaned home. If they are not, we will take an array of photographs of the property and use these to demonstrate our work.

Once the customer confirms and acknowledges that the work is complete, we will issue an invoice that can be settled by debit card or bank transfer.

If you are interested in the hoarder house cleaning and decluttering service offered by The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company, get in touch today. We can be reached by via our web site: The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company

There is no need to suffer, or to place yourself at risk undertaking this process yourself. We’re ready and willing to help!

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