Clearing A Hoarders House

Clearing a Hoarder’s House

Clearing, cleaning and decluttering a hoarder’s house is a stressful time. Many people do not realise that their loved ones are hoarders until they pass away. Naturally, that makes an already difficult situation even more taxing.

Thankfully, professional assistance is on hand. The Cluttered House Clearance Company are specialists in clearing a hoarder’s house, and restoring it to the loving family home that you may remember. We act with discretion and speed, ensuring that a home is left in perfect condition once our work is complete.

Do you need help clearing a hoarders house?

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Naturally, however, our services are not restricted to clearing the homes of the recently deceased. The Cluttered House Clearance Company is perfectly happy to discuss any job in absolute confidence. We offer a professional, friendly service when clearing a hoarder’s house, and our team are aware of the psychology behind hoarding.

Cleaning a hoarder’s house is not just intimidating, though. It can also be dangerous. Hoarding is a psychological condition, recognised and acknowledged by the World Health Organisation. If a hoarder experiences difficulties with their mental and emotional health, physical well-being will not always be acknowledged. This is why clearing a hoarder’s house is always best left to a professional team.

Just some of the potential risks that arise when clearing a hoarder’s house include:

  • Slips, trips and falls, caused by excessive items discarded and disguised on the ground. The homes of many hoarders are labyrinths of superfluous objects. The hoarder themselves knows a safe path from room to room, but visitors do not. This makes personal injury a prominent risk.
  • Potential for injury caused by objects falling from height. Even paper, when stacked high, can be extremely dangerous. One sheet may not be a risk, beyond a potential paper cut. A telephone book falling from several feet, however, is hugely dangerous.
  • Dangerous chemicals, or mould spores growing upon walls. When an individual lives within a hoarding environment, they stop observing uncharacteristic smells or warning signs. This does not mean they are not apparent, however, and they can be extremely hazardous when breathed in.
  • Animal and insect infestations. Regardless of whether an individual has a tendency to hoard objects or animals, wildlife will set up home in their environment. The homes of many hoarders will be subject to various infestations of bugs, vermin and other animals. This leaves any visitor at risk of an animal attack.
  • Soiled walls, doors and floor. As discussed, many properties occupied by a hoarder will attract animals. These visitors leave will traces of their faecal matter, blood and urine behind, all of which could potentially spread disease. Human bodily fluids may also be located.
  • The risk of structural damage to a property. In most cases, the home of a hoarder will undergo serious structural damage. This may be obvious to the naked eye, such as water damage, or it may be considerably subtler. Either way, it requires a professional team to negotiate this situation safely.

These are just some of the hazards associated with clearing a hoarder’s house. As you’ll see, it is not a task for the faint-hearted! Thankfully, The Cluttered House Clearance Company are on-hand to assist, no matter where you’re based in the country.

Our team is entirely flexible as to how you would like to work. You can play as large or small a part in the process as you feel comfortable with. We use unmarked vans when clearing a hoarder’s house, and safety is paramount to us. That means your safety and that of our team, and the well-being of the environment at large.

As members of the Anti Fly Tipping Organisation, The Cluttered House Clearance Company will never dispose of a hoarder’s belongings irresponsibly. We work tirelessly to ethically and conscientiously clear a hoarder’s house, and ensure that every item finds a suitable home. This could be a charitable donation, a recycling centre, or even back to the family of the hoarder.

This is another reason why clearing a hoarder’s house is best left to professionals. A major impact of a compulsion to hoard is an inability to tell trash from treasure. In the mind of a hoarder, a broken toaster is every bit as pivotal and valuable as a priceless gold necklace.

By bringing The Cluttered House Clearance Company in to clear a hoarder’s house, family heirlooms that were long thought lost can be rediscovered. We have reunited our customers with countless valuable items and essential legal documents, and can do the same for you.

When clearing a hoarder’s house, The Cluttered House Clearance Company make a very simple promise to our customers. We will provide a safe and professional service, and leave the home fit for habitation once more.

Our professional team will also advise of any concerns they may observe during their work. These could be structural problems at risk of escalation, or potential issues with utilities such as gas or electricity. Armed with this knowledge, the hoarding individual – or their family – can take the appropriate steps to seek help from a professional trades person.

Rest assured, The Cluttered House Clearance Company have seen it all. There is nothing in the home of a hoarder that will intimidate our team, or leave us unable to fulfil our duties in a professional and timely manner. Bringing us into your home is an assurance of empathy and excellence. We firmly believe that one of these qualities does not exclude the other.

Do not attempt the clearing of a hoarder’s house by yourself. It’s a significant task, and it’s likely to be unsafe. The Cluttered House Clearance Company is here to help you, and we’re waiting to hear from you.

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by Steven Smith on The Cluttered House Clearance Company
Verminous House Clearance Wolverhampton

A huge thank you to the cluttered house clearance specialists at The Cluttered House Clearance Company. A few months ago I was tasked with clearing my great aunts cluttered home in Wolverhampton, I hired The cluttered house clearance company to carry out the clearance for me. The team provided me with a fast, efficient and discreet service and found all of my grans jewellery for me. A 5*** very professional company.

by Sarah on The Cluttered House Clearance Company
Cluttered house clearance Richmond

I just want to say a huge thank you to the hoarded house clearance specialists who cleared my grans hoarded and cluttered house in May. A fantastic job well done. My gran is now living a hoarded and clutter free life in her home. 5****

by Amanda on The Cluttered House Clearance Company
5**** service

Last year I used The Cluttered House Clearance Company to clear my late mums excessively cluttered house in London. The cluttered house clearance specialists were very professional throughout the course of the 3 days that it took to clear. I can highly recommend them as a reputable and reliable company to carry out a cluttered or hoarded house clearance. Amanda