Clearing A Hoarders House? Hoarding Clearance Company FAQs

Hoarded & Cluttered House Clearance Service FAQs

When the time comes to clear out the cluttered house of a hoarder, it can be hugely overwhelming. It’s quite understandable that you will have a range of questions in such a scenario.

The Cluttered House Clearance company are fully licensed with the UK environment agency (Environment Agency Waste Carrier License NO #: CBDU284870) Hoarded house before and after pictures

Allow The Cluttered House Clearance Company to answer these queries for you. Below, you’ll find a list of the most often asked questions that we receive about our cluttered and hoarded house clearance services. If you have a further question that isn’t covered, just get in touch!

How much does your hoarded house clearance services cost?

This depends on how much work is involved in the job. Some houses are more cluttered than others, and thus require longer hours and additional team members.

Once we have visited the property, we will provide a full quote based on the customer’s needs. This quote will be completely transparent, and there will be no unexpected costs once the job is complete. The quote you agree will be the net price that you pay. Read our guide: How Much Does Hoarded House Clearance Cost

How do I get A quote from The Cluttered House Clearance Company?

Simply get in touch to get the ball rolling! You can call us on 07731 383671.

You are welcome to email us photographs using the email address, to identify the severity of the clutter to be cleared or simply call us to explain your situation.

Once we have spoken with you, we will provide a detailed and transparent quote. Our promise to you is that we will not vary or change this quote. If you require any kind of clarification, just ask.

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Clearing A Hoarders House

Clearing a Hoarder’s House

Clearing, cleaning and decluttering a hoarder’s house is a stressful time. Many people do not realise that their loved ones are hoarders until they pass away. Naturally, that makes an already difficult situation even more taxing.

Thankfully, professional assistance is on hand. The Cluttered House Clearance Company are specialists in clearing a hoarder’s house, and restoring it to the loving family home that you may remember. We act with discretion and speed, ensuring that a home is left in perfect condition once our work is complete.

Do you need help clearing a hoarders house?

Contact the hoarders house clearance specialists at The Cluttered House Clearance Company.

Naturally, however, our services are not restricted to clearing the homes of the recently deceased. The Cluttered House Clearance Company is perfectly happy to discuss any job in absolute confidence. We offer a professional, friendly service when clearing a hoarder’s house, and our team are aware of the psychology behind hoarding.

Cleaning a hoarder’s house is not just intimidating, though. It can also be dangerous. Hoarding is a psychological condition, recognised and acknowledged by the World Health Organisation. If a hoarder experiences difficulties with their mental and emotional health, physical well-being will not always be acknowledged. This is why clearing a hoarder’s house is always best left to a professional team.

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Hoarder and Hoarding House Clearance Service

Hoarder House Cleaning and Decluttering Service

When the time comes to clear a hoarder’s house, you’re going to need professional help. There is only so much that a willing individual can achieve, even if you enlist support.

Thankfully, the help you need is only ever a phone call away. The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company offers a nationwide hoarder house clearance service. With the assistance of our friendly, empathetic and professional team, a hoarder’s home will be suitable for habitation in no time.

Clearing a hoarder’s house can be very time-consuming – and dangerous if you are unaware of the risks. This is why we offer a full hoarder house cleaning and decluttering service. The process is broken down into six essential stages.

Do you need help clearing a hoarders house?

Contact the hoarders house clearance specialists at The Cluttered House Clearance Company.

Step 1 – Understand Why Individuals are Compelled to Hoard

The first thing that must be done when confronted with hoarding behaviour is taking the time to understand it. Hoarders are often miscategorised as lazy, dirty or disorganised. This is not the case at all.

Hoarding is recognised as a mental illness, and thus any hoarder should be handled with care and empathy. Hoarders do not stockpile objects because they cannot be bothered to throw them away. They are compelled to accumulate and sustain anything they come into contact with.

Unfortunately, professional psychiatric help is not part of the hoarder house clearance service offered by The Cluttered Housed Clearance Company. We do not have that level of expertise! However, our team do understand hoarding, and the drives behind it. This means we can be relied upon to treat our customers with dignity and respect, and maintain their privacy.

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Help For Hoarders

Help For Hoarders

What is compulsive hoarding?

A hoarding disorder is a perceived need to accumulate excessive items regardless of actual need or value. Compulsive hoarding can range from mild to severe and over time can increasingly implement significant health problems and a very unbalanced lifestyle and living environment.

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Hoarding Specialist: Tips For Family Dealing With OCD & Hoarding

Hoarding Specialist: Tips For Family Dealing With OCD & Hoarding

Hoarding is most commonly related to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is characterised by recurring unwanted thoughts and images (obsessions) and repetitive behavioural and mental rituals (compulsions). For example, a person with OCD may be obsessed with the fear of contamination from germs and dirt and, to cope with their anxiety, may compulsively wash their hands until they are raw. OCD can severely reduce a person’s quality of life and damage their relationships with others. It can be difficult, demanding and exhausting to live with a person who has OCD.

Do you need help clearing a hoarders house?

Contact the hoarders house clearance specialists at The Cluttered House Clearance Company.

Offer support and understanding

A person who has OCD is hard to live with, and you may find yourself getting angry, upset and frustrated from time to time. However, this won’t improve the situation. Suggestions include:

  • Find out as much as you can about OCD and its treatment options. You are less likely to feel bewildered or irritated by the person’s behaviour if you understand it.
  • Try not to blame the person for their condition.
  • Encourage the person to seek professional help.
  • Offer them your support.
  • Don’t express embarrassment or shame about the person’s symptoms, especially when you and the person are with other people.
  • Involve yourself in their treatment program whenever possible – for example, attend family therapy sessions.
  • If their motivation wanes, and they consider stopping treatment, remind them of the gains they have made.

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Clearing A Hoarder’s House: Understanding OCD

Clearing A Hoarder's House: Understanding OCD

Hoarding has been linked with several psychological disorders, it is most commonly related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Most people with OCD have a compulsion to hoard things which results in them keeping large volumes of items that otherwise are considered excessive or worthless. It involves the acquisition of and fear to throw away accumulated items that appear to be useless or of limited value.

Do you need help clearing a hoarders house?

Contact the hoarders house clearance specialists at The Cluttered House Clearance Company.

People who are known as having a problem with hoarding tend to be rather older than other OCD sufferers though most specify that their hoarding behaviour started when they were at a young age. Subsequently the average age of onset for these symptoms is unknown.

The obsessional fear related with hoarding is the importance of something that might be lost by departure such as an out-of-date newspaper. The most commonly saved items include newspapers, magazines, clothing, bags, mail and books they believe may be needed in the future. Obsessive hoarders don’t just save stuff, but they regularly buy or obtain new stuff.

Hoarding is always accompanied by excessive acquisition of possessions. This may consist of both compulsive buying as well as the compulsive acquisition of free stuff. For instance, a sufferer may visit the local newsagents daily to get hold of going spare magazines or newspapers. Often, sufferers are unable to abstain from buying bargains, even though they have no use for them. Other forms of compulsive acquisition include picking up handouts, leaflets or other free offerings, and even picking through other people’s rubbish.

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Clearing A Hoarder’s Cluttered House Before And After Pics

Clearing A Hoarder's Cluttered House Before And After Pics

Clearing, cleaning & decluttering a hoarder’s cluttered house before and after pics. Case study for the services provided by The Cluttered House Clearance Company.

Earlier this year The Cluttered House Clearance Company were called by a family living in Southern England who had the daunting task of clearing a three bedroom extremely hoarded cluttered house they had recently inherited. (See before and after pics below)

We met with the family at the property to discuss their needs and requirements and the services we could provide for them.

They required the property to be cleared and cleaned from top to bottom, they wanted the property returned to a state in which it could be put up for sale. A number of items needed to be located within the mountains of rubbish which the family were desperate for us to locate. The items included legal paperwork, photographs and certain valuables.

As you can see from the photographs below the property was in an awful state with clutter nearly touching ceilings in some rooms and hundreds of bottles of urine inter-mingled within the clutter.

The family were initially extremely embarrassed by the state of the property, with feelings of guilt from believing they had allowed their relative to live like this.

We have dealt with these type of properties for years and truly understand the embarrassment, disbelief and the feelings of helplessness from relatives when faced with the daunting task of clearing a hoarders house. In a lot of these cases everything can look normal from the outside, a hoarder will make excuses to not allow friends or relatives into their property.

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Verminous Hoarded House Clearance Specialists

Verminous House Clearance Specialists

When a property is declared to be verminous, it’s time to call in professional assistance. A verminous property is a genuine health hazard to anybody untrained in clearing such a house.

Thankfully, The Cluttered House Clearance Company have just the experience that is required to deal with verminous house clearances. What’s more, we’re prepared to dig deep and clear the properties that other companies won’t clear.

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