Help For Hoarders

Help For Hoarders

What is compulsive hoarding?

A hoarding disorder is a perceived need to accumulate excessive items regardless of actual need or value. Compulsive hoarding can range from mild to severe and over time can increasingly implement significant health problems and a very unbalanced lifestyle and living environment.

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What are the common known causes of compulsive hoarding?

Stressful life events. People may develop a compulsive hoarding disorder due to a stressful life event that they struggle to cope with such as a breakdown of family relations, grievance for a loved one, loss of career etc.

Personality disorder. People who suffer with compulsive hoarding commonly experience a temperament that triggers indecisiveness.

Genetics, brain functioning and difficult life events are possible causes being studied. Current research shows hoarding can start between the ages of 11-15 gradually developing with age but is common in older adults than younger adults.

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What are the signs and symptoms of hoarding?

Problems with hoarding increases over time and is often dealt with discreetly and is often not visible until the highest level of severity has been reached. Some common signs may include:

  • Keeping items that acquire no need or there is no room for
  • Continually expressing difficulty to throw anything out or part with items
  • A gradual build-up of clutter to the extreme it becomes unmanageable

A compulsive hoarder will experience feelings of indecisiveness, perfectionism, planning and avoidance. Extreme accumulation of clutter leads to limited living areas and walking space.

Risk factors can cause a variety of complications including:

  • A hazardous living environment
  • Health issues
  • Verminous conditions
  • Housing problems such as eviction, conflicts with neighbours
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Social isolation

A compulsive hoarder will often face feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety.

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How to prevent compulsive hoarding?

Identifying the reason you are hoarding can take time and professional help should always be sought rather than the disorder being dealt with alone.

For help, guidance or advice for decluttering or clearing your home, please contact The Cluttered House Clearance Company. Step by step we are here to help 7 days a week.

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I could not be more happy with the professional service provided by The Cluttered House Clearance team when clearing my great aunts hoarded house in Southwark last June. My aunt suffered with a compulsive hoarding disorder which eventually made her home unsuitable to live in, thanks to the hoarded house clearance specialists, her home has now been decluttered and cleared of any verminous waste that was piled floor to ceiling. My aunt is now receiving the special help she needs and is living a clutter and hoarded free life.

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I want to say a massive thank you to your team for clearing my extremely hoarded and cluttered home in Lambeth last month. From initial inquiry to having my home cleared, the whole process went so smooth. Not only are your teams highly professional but are also kind, discreet and hard working. 5*** service from the cluttered house clearance company.